Doing groceries during a lockdown or quarantine and alternatives when the shelves in the groceries are empty

These are challenging times to make dietetic changes, because of the Covid-19 outbreak people started to panic buying, leaving the shelves empties so some patients shared their feelings with me on how hard is now to find the product they are looking for and to make a healthy choice when actually there are no choices left on the shelves of the groceries.

So let's find some practical solution in this kind of situation, and I really hope that this post will be used just for this time during the Coronavirus outbreak and will not be necessary again in the future, because the situation as we can all agree is not the best.

FIRST SOLUTION: Convenient store/ ethnic shops

Majority of people prefer to do their groceries in traditional supermarkets chains because they can find more products and branded products too, but that's why during this time the convenient store or the ethnic shop could be still full of products because is not the first choice when we think on where to do the groceri…

Covid-19: Recipes, Dietetic advice and false myths, in collaboration with Ariel (RD in Taiwan)

First of all there is not a cure or a sure prevention for the virus yet, so all of these is to help to boost your immune system and prevent malnutrition which might be helpful in lot of circumstances, this one included

But we need to be careful on all the misinformation and myths circulating on the internet, on desperate time like this, we still need to check the sources before believing in what we find online because anyone can give an opinion and some of them could be misleading

Here some myths and fake news I have found that are NOT true and  is just made to clickbait:

Some of the most dangerous are: drinking bleach or snorting cocaine can cure the virus, which is absolutely FALSEVitamin C unfortunately will not prevent to catch the virusOregano oil is not a cure against the virusLot of video showing food to avoid in order to not catch the virus are made without any scientifically proof, so not trustworthy at all
Always check for reliable sources/articles.

As mentioned before nutritio…

How do you eat your meal ? Part 1: speed and perception

Sounds like a silly question but is notWith my personal experience talking with colleagues and psychologist in my team I found that
The psychological side while making long term lifestyle changes is always underrated

Is not only about calories and numbers.

We need to consider how these calories are introduced.
These tips might help to be more mindful and self aware in this journey which is never meant to be a temporary extreme diet, instead has to be a doable/keepable change aiming for a long term success.

How quickly do you eat?
Think about your different meals and snacks during the day and simply try to:
- slow down
- enjoy more the food
- chew longer and taste more the food you are having 

These small things will actually make a difference at the end of the day:

- You will notice how you don't need to always finish everything on the plate.
- Keep always your health as first reason for anything, wasting food is never ok but better than overeating each time, and just keep in mind t…

Real Benefits of Green Tea and false myths about that

Before listing the benefits let's say that
Green Tea CAN help but only if included as a part of a healthy lifestyleso it won't be a remedy to balance all the unhealthy choices.

Can help to loose weight ?

Studies shown that just ADDING green tea to your daily routine might not help with significant weight loss.

But switching this drink without added sugars instead of fizzy drinks or any other sugary drink is going mathematically to reduce your caloric intake and that is a fact especially in the long term journey.

Again following this reasoning the switch will help to reduce and control better the sugar levels in your blood, consider that if you are already avoiding sugary/fizzy drinks the benefit could be minimal because of healthier choices already in place.

For instance:
Switching From a daily consumption of soda could save as 50000 calories as average per year!

Caffein content:

Depending on the brand.
But usually the caffeine amount is lower of 1/4 compared to coffee (from 100mg as av…

Benefits of Sauerkraut (fermented raw cabbage)

WHAT IS IT ?Fermented raw cabbage with a unique sour flavour The name is German where is very famous  but originally comes from Asia  similar to Kimchi (Korea) or Brovada (North Italy)

Fermentation makes more available the minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C and K 
The unpasteurised version keeps the alive probiotics lactobacilli and fibres which help to promote a healthy bowel 
The enzymes contained help to breakdown food easily and make it more digestible 

- Kcal 19
- Carbs  4.3 gr which 
2.9 gr are Fibers
1.8 gr are Sugars
- Fat 0.1 gr
- Protein 0.9 gr
-  Vitamins:  C and K (relevant amounts) and B6 (small amounts)
- Minerals: Calcium, Iron and Magnesium (small amounts)
No Cholesterol or Saturated fats 

High in sodium so not recommend if you are trying to reduce the intake of this mineral.
So this is another option to introduce in your veggies choices once in a while. 

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Vegan alternative: Zai Cai/ Cha Tsai/ Sichuan Vegetable

It's good to have more options when talking about veggies and try new things to have more variety in your diet

This Pickled mustard plant, usually can be salted and rubbed with red hot chili paste, and after that fermented with a unique spicy, sour and salty taste.

Recommended to wash it before consume it, to reduce the salt intake but also the spiceness.

Nutritional facts for 100 gr:

only 23 calories
0.1 gr fat, almost none basically
2.5 gr of protein
4.6 gr of carbs, which mostly are actually fibers