Benefits of Sauerkraut (fermented raw cabbage)

    WHAT IS IT ?
Fermented raw cabbage with a unique sour flavour 
The name is German where is very famous 
but originally comes from Asia 
similar to Kimchi (Korea) or Brovada (North Italy)


  • Fermentation makes more available the minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C and K 

  • The unpasteurised version keeps the alive probiotics lactobacilli and fibres which help to promote a healthy bowel 

  • The enzymes contained help to breakdown food easily and make it more digestible 


- Kcal 19

- Carbs  4.3 gr which 

2.9 gr are Fibers

1.8 gr are Sugars

- Fat 0.1 gr

- Protein 0.9 gr

-  Vitamins:  C and K (relevant amounts) and B6 (small amounts)

- Minerals: Calcium, Iron and Magnesium (small amounts)

No Cholesterol or Saturated fats 


High in sodium so not recommend if you are trying to reduce the intake of this mineral.

So this is another option to introduce in your veggies choices once in a while. 


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