B.O.B. Milk

Skimmed milk (red top) could be tasteless if you are used to have full fat milk (blue top) or even the semi-skimmed one (green top).
So I would like to recommend BOB milk (yellow top) if Milk is something that you would frequently use in your diet, we need to consider every amount in your teas or coffees as well, so not only breakfast.
Low caloric and low-fat milk like this could be used as a healthy snack with some cereals during the day or just a glass as a very quick alternative when you don’t have time to make breakfast or to break a long gap between one meal and another.

The taste it’s even better than the semi skimmed-milk but, the calories are like the skimmed milk.
Extra tip: as a quick snack or breakfast, you can add Horlicks or Ovaltine LIGHT to make the drink more nutritious and tasteful, will be still lower in calories but definitely higher in vitamins and minerals.

Here’s a picture I took to help with the label, a good portion around 200ml contain 83 kcal and just 0.8 gr of fat.
9.8 gr of Sugars per portion and 4.9 gr per 100ml are reasonable but try to not put any extra like white sugar or honey.
The price around £1.55 per bottle (2 Litres) are Often in special for £2.5 For 2 bottles (4L)


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